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Former WBA and IBF light welterweight champion Amir Khan will take on American Carlos Molina in Los Angeles, California on December 15th. It will be Khan’s first bout since his knockout loss to Danny Garcia in July, and also his first fight under new trainer Virgil Hunter.

In this press conference video from, a different Amir Khan stood at the podium. This Amir Khan was humble, there was no bravado, he spoke about the difficulties being a comeback fighter and spoke about new training regimes he is learning under Hunter.

Could it be that Hunter’s methods are already paying off for Khan, who stated in the video that Hunter is teaching him to slow things down and think things through while he is fighting?

Khan’s mellow, humble approach reminds me somewhat of another Hunter-trained fighter, Andre Ward, who while confident in his abilities is not over the top, in your face or brash with his comments.If this attitude is truly rubbing off on Khan, we could see a completely different fighter step into the ring against Molina.

The Khan of the past was always looking to put on a show. Supremely confident in his abilities as a boxer, he wanted to entertain the crowd and it ultimately came back to bite him.

Khan’s willingness to entertain led to him eating huge punches from Marcos Maidana that came close to ending the fight and also brought about his most recent defeat at the hands of Garcia.

A calm, calculated approach to fighting could bring huge rewards to a boxer like Khan who has all the tools at his disposal but is often too headstrong for his own good.

Molina isn’t a power puncher, but likes to pressure his opponents, throw punches and make them back up. Lamont Peterson caused Khan problems with that style in their recent bout, so it will be interesting to see if this level headed approach from Khan follows him to the ring