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It’s been a while since my last article. The holiday’s sure do take a toll on a person. Anyway, here’s another article published through Bleacher Report – a short article about the recent retirement of former Middleweight boxing champ, Kelly Pavlik.


Al Bello/Getty Images

Former world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik has retired from boxing at the age of 30, according to a statement made by Pavlik to ESPN on Saturday.

In ending a career filled with ups and downs, Pavlik cited two reasons behind his decision to hang up his gloves.

Pavlik, like many boxers, stated that he is worried about the long term health effects of a prolonged boxing career. Given that Pavlik’s fight style does not focus on the type of sound defense that has allowed the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather Jr. the ability to avoid serious punishment throughout their careers, it is easy to understand Pavlik’s way of thinking.

In his fights with Taylor and current middleweight king, Sergio Martinez, Pavlik took a lot of heavy shots in order to land his own. This style of fighting is not compatible with a long boxing career.

The other reason, Pavlik noted, behind his decision to quit is a lack of motivation. In a sport that relies completely upon one person’s ability to execute a game plan and respond on the spot, motivation is key. Whether this motivation comes from a desire to win championships, build a legacy or earn money, if a fighter is not 100 percent committed there can be dire repercussions.

With a young family he has to leave in order to train and fight, and with his thoughts of them taking some of his focus off the job at hand, it is understandable that Pavlik is concerned about his motivation.

Add to this the fact that he states their financial future is secure and he is worried about the possibility of future medical issues arising from boxing too long, and it is commendable that Pavlik has put his family ahead of personal glory.

Good luck to Pavlik in his future endeavours. I enjoyed the fights he gave us and think he has made a sensible choice