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Let me start off by saying I generally enjoy watching Amir Khan fight. He has speed of both hand and foot, he is aggressive and he loves to throw combination punches. Khan is an exciting, dynamic fighter who rarely leaves fans wondering why they tuned in, win or lose.

Adding to the enjoyment I get from watching Khan fight is the fact that it’s very rarely a one-sided affair. For all of Khan’s hand and foot speed, he is poor in so many defensive fundamentals that he is incredibly easy to hit, and hit clean.

Often moving into rather than away from punches, popping his head up every time he throws a jab or dropping his hands before stepping back, whatever mistake he makes it usually ends with him being clocked and rocked.

In spite of all this, in spite of the enjoyment that usually comes from watching Khan in yet another valiant battle of heart over head, I am not excited at the prospect of Khan taking on IBF Welterweight champion Devon Alexander in December.

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I truly don’t say this to knock either fighter. Anyone who steps in the ring deserves respect for the dedication they’ve shown to their training and preparation and the level of bravery it takes to stand one-on-one with another human being to fight.

I say this because, as styles make fights, this is such a clash of styles that I feel there will be more threatening to engage than actually engaging. For the first time in many years fans, tuning in for the usual Amir Khan edge-of-the-seat drama may be disappointed.

Fighters will always fight to their biggest strengths, as they should. Amir Khan will look to use his incredible speed to edge him along to victory. He is also one of the better-conditioned fighters in boxing and can push a frenetic pace for the whole fight while still looking like he has more to give. Khan will look to dart in with quick combinations and dash away before Alexander can fire anything back.

Alexander, who is no slouch when it comes to hand speed and combination punching, is a far superior defensive boxer. His movement around the ring will create angles that nullify the in-and-out attacks of Khan as Alexander simply won’t be right in front of him.

Alexander’s movement and defensive skill was on display against Randall Bailey, in which he was able to take away Bailey’s power using superior footwork and grind out a victory to capture the IBF crown. This is the manner I expect Alexander to approach the Khan fight in as he looks to frustrate his opponent into recklessness.

This is where fans will scream for the Khan of old to show his face. In past fights Khan hasn’t been good at sticking to a plan. When all was going well against Marcos Maidana, Khan abandoned the strategy that had been working so well and let his bravado take over. He engaged Maidana in close and was rocked badly.

Who Will Win Between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander?

  • Khan by KO

  • Alexander by KO

  • Khan via Decision

  • Alexander via Decision

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Alexander will be happy to move around the ring and land counters and small combinations to build up a points advantage.

He will stick to his strategy and hope, with the fans, that Khan will revert to past times and completely abandon the plan he comes in with out of frustration and start to attack blindly, searching for an opening. Alexander showed Maidana that his power is often underestimated as he landed heavier than expected shots almost at will throughout their 2012 bout.

Khan, on the other hand, will look to display a new ability to stay on task and avoid the past reckless behaviour.

One of the aspects of his game Khan wanted to improve on when he aligned himself with Virgil Hunter as his new trainer was his ability to stick to a planned strategy throughout the fight, and to lose the wild and ragged edge that had often been his undoing.

In the two fights Khan’s had with Hunter in his corner, he’s shown slight improvement in his ability to stay on task. While still having a couple of wild moments, Hunter has been able to calm Khan down and get him back to task with his advice between rounds.

As a fighter who strives to improve, I have no doubt Khan has spent significant time in the gym with Hunter since his last fight in April, working on small aspects of his game and on his focus when times get tough.

This is why I predict a snoozer.

With a new focus and a willingness to trust his trainer and stick to their plan, Khan will become frustrated by Alexander’s excellent footwork. However, unlike the old days of him losing his patience and rushing in, only to be countered and put on his backside, Khan will stay focused, follow instruction and try to box his way through.

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According to a report from over the weekend the newly crowned IBF Welterweight Champion, Devon Alexander, has been signed to fight Britain’s Kell Brook on January 19th.

News of the bout was given to former WBA and IBF Light-Welterweight champion Amir Khan, who in this report expressed surprise that Brook took the challenge this soon and also signaled his desire to set up a fight with Brook if he is victorious in his first world title challenge.

Brook became the number one challenger for the IBF Welterweight crown on the same day Alexander himself won the title by stopping Hector Saldivia in the third-round of their October 20th IBF Title Eliminator bout in Brook’s home city of Sheffield, England.

That same evening on the other side of the Atlantic, former Light-Welterweight title holder Alexander defeated veteran fighter Randall Baily via unanimous decision to claim the Welterweight crown, and setting up a future showdown with Brook.

Khan’s surprise that Brook took the challenge is understandable. Brook has yet to face a top level opponent. Without disrespecting any fighters he has defeated so far in his 29-0 career, Brook’s top opponents have been an aged Lovemore N’Dou and Matthew Hatton.

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By comparison, Alexander has been in the ring with high caliber fighters, including Timothy Bradley, Lucas Matthysse, Marcos Maidana and also Randall. The difference in the quality of opponent between Alexander and Brook is large, especially when you consider how deep Brook had to dig to hang on for a victory over Carson Jones earlier this year.

The fight with Alexander is not only Brook’s first experience with a world title fight, but also a massive jump in the level of competition he will be facing. With an undefeated record, and a recent victory scored mostly on guts and determination, Brook surely feels this is the type of fight his skills should have him in for the foreseeable future.

As for Khan discussing a possible showdown with Brook if the Sheffield fighter can defeat Alexander, can you blame him? Prior to losing his championship belts, Khan had Brook bringing him up as a future opponent after defeating Matthew Hatton in March of this year.

You could say that Brook was being smart to mention Khan in interviews before he was really deserving of a shot at a champion. In today’s Internet driven world, if Brook can have his name associated with a better known fighter it increases the number of people looking at him.

Now, the coin could be flipped. Successive defeats have left Khan once again rebuilding his career while Brook is about to try his hand at moving his to the next level. If Brook becomes a champion, a fight with Khan is one that will definitely sell, so Khan used the opportunity wisely to throw his name into the mix for a possible title shot.

Smart marketing by both guys, now they need to back it up in the ring.