Has Amir Khan given up on Facing Mayweather

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Boxing
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British welterweight boxer Amir Khan has spent the better part of two years chasing a high profile fight with reigning pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather, but recent comments now make me wonder if he’s given up on that fight.

Khan was slated to face Devon Alexander in a welterweight world title bout in December 2013. In the months preceding the proposed fight with Alexander, Khan’s name was mentioned as a possible opponent for Mayweather. Khan decided to abandon negotiations for the bout with Alexander, who subsequently lost to Shawn Porter, in favor of chasing the dream of fighting Mayweather.

Mayweather posted polls for the public to vote between Khan and Marcos Maidana, who in spite of having a prior loss to Khan had come to prominence again with a rousing victory over Mayweather wannabe Adrian Broner. Khan came out ahead in the poll, but ultimately lost out on the bout with Mayweather.

Khan went on to dominate the dangerous Louis Collazo, rearranged the bout with Alexander and won a landslide decision, and most recently recorded a points victory against the last fighter Manny Pacquiao faced before landing the Mayweather bout he craved in Chris Algieri.

Pundits and fans raved about Khans displays against Collazo and Alexander and once again Khan entered discussions as a potential opponent for Mayweather. Again that fight failed to materialize, but Khans vocal proclamations that he is the only man out there who could beat Mayweather persisted.

Even as recently as little over a week ago, in fact in the immediate aftermath of his victory over Algieri, Khan called out Mayweather. Declaring in his post fight interview that he was the number one contender for one of Mayweathers titles, Khan said he wanted to face the undefeated champion in what could ultimately prove to be Mayweathers final outing.

Yet now that all seems to have changed. Khans is now speaking of taking over as the top ranked pound-for-pound fighter after Mayweather retires. He’s discussed facing the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marques, Timothy Bradley and Keith Thurman to cement his own legacy as the best fighter around.

So why the change? Maybe Khan has received word about who Mayweathers team is speaking to regarding his farewell fight and it’s not him. Maybe he watched a replay of the Algieri fight and saw that he still leaves too many openings for counters and realized that if he gave a fighter like Mayweather those kinds of opportunities he will be obliterated.

Whatever the cause for the apparent change of heart it is good news for boxing fans. Whether you are a fan of Mayweather or not, it’s undeniable that he is simply so far ahead of his peers in in terms of his fighting ability as well as his ring IQ that he would most likely nullify every skill set Khan has and make him look foolish while cruising to an easy victory.

If Khan really has decided to drop the idea of facing Mayweather and goes out searching for fights with the top guys around we will all be in for some fireworks. Khan is an incredibly talented fighter, chinny or not, whose speed and movement will be a handful for most of the guys at the top of the division. Bradley would turn a fight with Khan into a toe to toe war. Pacquiao and Thurman would go hunting to test Kahns chin. Marques would try to force Khan into over committing so he could counter. All fights would be action packed and all would be tough to predict.

I, for one, hope Khan has decided to seek out the fights he speaks of in favor of his endless campaigning for Mayweather. Khan is a throwback to an older time of boxing in that he’s a guy who wants to take on the best around whatever the risks and I cannot fault that mentality.

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